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Supply Chain Management

As a global investor in energy and utility-related businesses with over 14,000 suppliers, the Group is aware of the broader influence its purchasing power has, which it uses to ensure suppliers make their operations more sustainable.

We encourage all businesses in our supply chain to share our commitment in terms of environmental stewardship, products or services, child labour, fundamental human rights, working conditions, remuneration, occupational health and safety, and business ethics.

The Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Code”) underpins our commitment and serves as a guideline for all our business partners and suppliers, encouraging compliance with items in the Code so as to bring broader improvements in sustainability practices and performance for its business partners and suppliers and the communities served by the Group.

The Code applies to all our business partners and products and service providers (i.e. suppliers). Under the Code, the Group works with suppliers and business partners who can demonstrate their commitments to uphold the principles detailed in the Code. The content of this Code has been developed taking into consideration a number of international charters and conventions such as the United Nation’s Declaration on Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation Core Conventions.

Several other policies also support our commitment to promote supply chain sustainability, including Human Rights Policy, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement and Environmental Policy.

Sustainable Procurement

The Group is well aware of the environmental and social impacts that may ensue along the supply chain and is committed to minimising such risks in collaboration with suppliers. ESG-related factors form an important part of the assessment process and have due weighting in our consideration of potential suppliers and contractors.