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Human Capital Development
Human Capital Development

We strive to provide a safe and rewarding workplace for our employees, and aspire to be an attractive employer.

The Group’s success through excellence depends on the performance of its employees at every level. The values the Group inculcates in its employees are candour, courtesy, an ability to deal with change and respect for humanity, personal dignity and privacy.

As stated in our Sustainability Policy, we are committed to:

  • being an equal opportunity employer;
  • creating a diverse and inclusive workplace by respecting the values, customs and traditions of our employees in different operating markets;
  • caring for the well-being and health of our employees and aiming to achieve a workplace free of injuries; and
  • assisting staff to develop in an engaged workplace and caring for them and their families.

Recruit and Retain Diverse Talent

The recruitment, hiring and performance appraisal processes form the foundations of positive and long-term employee relations. To retain talent, we provide competitive compensation packages, and eligible employees are entitled to additional incentives for their contributions to the Group’s growth, profitability, and other goals.

Our employee performance review process connects employee compensation with individual goals and aligns performance with business objectives and outcomes, creating a win-win situation for the employee and the Group.

Training and Development

The professional growth of our people is essential to the growth of our business. We invest heavily in training to keep our people abreast of the latest developments in the industry and enhance their knowledge and performance. Training programmes are developed by respective business units to provide the most relevant learning experience that suits employees’ specific needs.

The Group ensures that all our skilled staff members are professionally trained and suitably qualified for their roles. All operating companies are required to submit annual training logs to ensure that the requisite credentials for all skilled staff have been suitably attained and that all refresher courses are conducted where needed.

Furthermore, the Group and most of our operating companies conduct various employee development programmes to suit their specific business needs. We run rigorous leadership development programmes to support succession planning.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Having a diverse and inclusive workforce can provide different perspectives on how we conduct our businesses and ultimately benefits our business performance.

We strive to provide an equal opportunity working environment that is free from harassment and discrimination and promotes unbiased decision-making.

We enforce an anti-discrimination policy and have zero tolerance for harassment in any form. All employees, irrespective of race, gender or religious beliefs, receive equal opportunities and our recruitment and promotion processes are based purely on performance. A Diversity Committee comprising representatives from different business units has been established in many of our operations over the world to raise awareness on diversity among the workforce.

Two-way Communication

The Group always strives for effective, open two-way communication and various effective communication channels are in place.

Regular open forums are conducted to allow employees and the senior management to communicate on organisational updates and employees’ concerns. Theme talks, topical briefing sessions, and focus group meetings on company issues are also conducted as required to explain and convey company issues and policies to employees, and collect their opinions and feedback in the process.