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Customer Relationship Management

As a global investor in companies in energy generation, transmission and distribution and working with the spectrum of fuels including coal, gas, renewables, waste and oil across four continents, the Group currently serves a total of over 19 million customers with power and gas supply.

The Group aims to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction by continually improving our services and achieving or even exceeding service targets.

A Customer Services Policy is in place to guide our operating companies to deliver quality and professional services, putting customer needs at the core of their businesses. We respect customers’ views and suggestions and respond promptly, using the latest technologies to reach out to them. We seek continuous improvement and engage stakeholders in our pursuit of excellence to satisfy customers’ needs and align our business processes with best practices.

The Group has various mechanisms that it uses to measure customer satisfaction levels and to monitor feedback in order to understand customer perceptions and any ongoing critical issues, and to implement the appropriate corrective actions.