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Energy Developments Limited

The Company acquired Energy Developments Pty Limited (EDL) jointly with CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited (CKI) and CK Asset Holdings Limited (CK Asset). Power Assets holds a 20% stake, while CKI and CK Asset each holds 40%.

EDL is an international provider of safe, clean, low emissions energy, remote energy solutions and renewables.

EDL owns and manages an international portfolio of about 80 projects comprising more than 1,075MW of power generation facilities in Australia, North America and Europe, utilising a range of fuel sources including remote energy, natural gas (NG, CNG, LNG & RNG) and diesel, landfill gas, waste coal mine gas, solar and wind.

In USA and Canada, EDL owns and operates a total of 258 & 11MW landfill gas and RNG power generation facilities respectively.

Website: http://www.energydevelopments.com.au/