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Environmental Policy

Power Assets is committed to protecting the environment and biodiversity, and supporting sustainable development by conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner.

We aim to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment while addressing the global concern about climate change. We comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations and endeavour to integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of our business operations.

As a player in an essential utilities sector in numerous markets around the world, we are fully committed to supporting local governments in achieving the goals set by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change towards a sustainable global climate policy.

In addition, we will:

Support the Move to Low-carbon Future --- Through innovation and the adoption of the latest technologies that focus on the areas of generation, storage and transmission of renewable energy, energy-from-waste, smart metering and grid technology, carbon dioxide management and decarbonisation of gas network by blending/replacing hydrogen with natural gas;

Increase renewable energy and gas-fired generation --- progressively replacing coal with natural gas and increasing renewable energy in our portfolio;

Reinforce “4R” Policy --- Reduce, reuse, recover and recycle materials and resources in particular for plastic separation and carbon capture for greenhouse cultivation in our energy-from-waste business, and promote biodiversity and conservation;

Embrace New Technology for Sustainable Development --- Actively invest in innovation to increase the value that our operating companies deliver in an evolving energy world to meet changing needs;

Nurture Environmental Awareness --- Promote among our business partners and associates on the smart and efficient use of energy; ensure commitment from our employees, management, and our operating companies, and maintain a close dialogue with our stakeholders; report and disclose our environmental performance and related information on a regular basis.

Charles Tsai

Chief Executive Officer

May 2019