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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Power Assets is committed to operating our business in a responsible and transparent manner, while meeting the long-term energy needs of the communities we serve. We strive to integrate CSR considerations in our operations and maintain a close dialogue with our stakeholders.

Aspiring to be a Responsible Corporate Citizen

  • Operate as a world-class energy supplier providing safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally-friendly electricity and gas supply while achieving a high standard of corporate governance, and adhering to legal and regulatory compliance;
  • Secure a stable return and deliver long-term values for our shareholders;
  • Understand and address the needs of our customers through innovative and caring services;
  • Treasure the environment by minimising the impact of our operations and support governments around the world in achieving the goals set by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change towards a sustainable global climate policy;
  • Support the move to a low-carbon future through innovation and adoption of the latest technologies;
  • Extend care to those in need through corporate philanthropy in the form of financial, material, manpower or corporate expertise support.

Attracting and Developing Talents

  • Be an equal opportunity employer;
  • Create a diverse and inclusive workplace by respecting the values, customs and traditions of our employees in different operating markets;
  • Care for the well-being and health of our employees and aim to achieve a workplace free of injuries;
  • Assist staff to develop in an engaged workplace and care for them and their families.

Sharing Values

  • Influence our business partners to adhere to a high standard of integrity and encourage our suppliers and contractors to follow our requirements in respect of ethical, human and labour rights, health and safety, and environmental performance.

Charles Tsai

Chief Executive Officer

May 2019