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At Power Assets, safety always comes first. We conduct our business in a safe and socially responsible manner, and put health and safety considerations into practice in every aspect of our business operation. We aim to excel in occupational health and safety performance and strive to achieve our ultimate goal of accident-free operation. We believe that most accidents are preventable if everyone remains cautious about safety at all times and an effective management system is in place.

We support and nurture a culture that promotes employee wellness and raises health and safety awareness, and ensure commitments from all levels of management and employees. We also require our business partners to adhere to the same health and safety standards. At the customer end, we continue to promote the safe use of electricity and maintain first-class supply reliability.

Seeking continuous improvement in our health and safety performance, we have adopted Safety Management Systems conforming to the OHSAS 18001 standard in all of our major operations. Our Health and Safety Board, chaired by the Group Managing Director, oversees health and safety issues on a company-wide basis. There are also Divisional Health and Safety Committees, Departmental Health and Safety Committees, and Health and Safety Sub-committees comprising employees and contractors to promote health and safety.

Strategy and Approach

To ensure the safe operation of our facilities, we have adopted the PAS55-1 certified asset management system, monitoring closely the operations of equipment. The likelihood of unplanned electricity outages is further reduced by proactive condition diagnosis of the distribution cable network which facilitates timely repairs and replacement of faulty components. Monthly reliability rating statistics are kept and details of incidents recorded, for review and proposals for remedial action. A comprehensive Network Reliability and Operations Review of the transmission and distribution system was completed in 2010 with recommendations to improve operational health and safety and supply reliability.

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