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In line with our Environmental Policy to care for the environment and support sustainable development, we conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner and aim to continuously improve our environmental performance. We focus on establishing a diversified, low carbon power portfolio with a view to improving air quality and combating climate change. We implement emission control programmes and increase the use of gas and renewable energy for the production of cleaner and more efficient electricity today and tomorrow.

We embrace the "4R" culture – reduce, reuse, recycle and recover – to reduce waste and improve utilisation of our resources. We also engage our staff, business partners and the public in a number of green initiatives.

Our Environment Committee, comprising representatives from major business units of the Company, meets regularly and manages all environmental issues on a company-wide basis. Our major operations adopt Environmental Management Systems conforming to the ISO 14001 standard with a view to meeting our environmental goals, monitoring progress and compliance, and continuously improving our performance in a systematic manner.

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